2017 Artist of the Month Schedule

DMartinIntarsia September Artist of the Month:
Duane F. Martin

Artist Visit Date: September 16th, 2017 12— 3 p.m.

Specializing in Intarsia Art, a form of wood inlay (which uses thick woods), Duane F. Martin uses a variety of 'un-stained' hard and soft woods to create stunning landscapes, portraits, animals and other imagery. Relying solely on the color and grain of the wood to enhance his images, Duane uses many different species of woods. Cutting out the shapes on a scroll saw, he sands, carves, incorporates wood burning techniques and individually finishes each piece before gluing them onto a backing board. The final result is not only a stunningly elaborate work of art, but also a piece that celebrates the natural beauty of the wood itself. After retiring from the Southern California Edison Company in July 1996, culminating a 32-year career as an Electrical/Nuclear Engineer, Duane and his wife moved to NH to be closer to their children/grandchildren. Having always enjoyed working with wood, Duane built a shop in his basement where he created cabinets for his home and church. In 2006, an article in Wood Magazine inspired Duane to create an eagle using the pattern provided. That launched his intarsia journey. A member of the League of NH Craftsmen, Duane’s work has been featured on NH Chronicle and in several exhibitions throughout the state. He has also won several awards over the years including: ScrollSaw Magazine Editor's Choice Awards for the “Best Intarsia Project” (2010) and “Best in Contest” (2011), and “Best in Wood” at the August 2016 Living with Craft Exhibition at the League of NH Sunapee Fair. In addition to creating, Duane also enjoys working with teachers in local schools to introduce the students and teachers to the intarsia process.

MatthewSmithTuna October Artist of the Month:
Matthew Smith of Quincy Pond Printworks

Artist Visit Date: October 14th, 2017 12— 3 p.m.

Exeter Fine Crafts is pleased to present Matthew Smith of Quincy Pond Printworks as our October Artist of the Month. A former commercial fishing boat captain, Matthew now translates his love of the sea and admiration of marine life into etchings and other works printed from copper plates. Constantly creating, Matthew’s innovative spirit has led him to design many ingenious tools. From a net that allowed him to catch haddock and halibut more safely and efficiently to devising a new way to make prints: copper block etchings, Matthew’s creativity is evident in every piece of art he makes. Lately, Matthew has been exploring a whole new way to use his copper printing plates in his work. Creating a hybrid art form he refers to as, “Praints,” (part print/part painting), Matthew has combined his printmaking and painting skills to create work, rich in depth and color, that he refers to as, “Tide Pool Stories.” Often using his copper plates to print directly on primed and painted Baltic Birchwood panels, Matthew builds up each of his pieces by adding several layers of un-inked plates. Engaging a basic printmakers reduction sequence, he adds a layer of color, then removes a layer of copper shapes, repeating the process, until a desirable three-dimensional narrative develops. From there he carefully finishes each piece with a layer of u/v protective polyurethane and epoxy, giving the work a pleasant sheen, while highlighting the depth of detail. Not certain about whether the process is guided by an evolutionary intuitiveness of plate form or an evolutionary credence within himself, Matthew believes this new approach to his art allows him to achieve a sense of fluidity and depth he could never quite capture within his more traditional copper block etchings. From working as the captain of the Charlotte G back in the 1980’s, where his instincts led him to create new tools and go to places others had not, to devising and defining new ways we interpret art, Matthew and his work is constantly evolving. Giving up his life at sea, for a life on paper, Matthew hopes his works will be a gentle reminder of the magnificence of our oceans and the fragile circle of life on this planet we all share. Please join us for an artist’s reception on Saturday, October 14th between 12 and 3 pm when Matthew will be here to talk about his stunning new work. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome to come and enjoy! Exeter Fine Crafts is located at 61 Water Street in downtown Exeter. Stop by Monday through Saturday 10-5:30, or Sunday 12-4. Call 603-778-8282 for more information.

MatthewSmithTuna November Artist of the Month: Jungwhon Joo

Artist Visit Date: November 25th, 2017 12— 3 p.m.

Exeter Fine Crafts is pleased to present Jungwhon Joo as our November Artist of the Month. Creating stunning Cloisonné fine art jewelry, Jungwhon’s designs put a contemporary spin on an opulent art form. Cloisonné, a term derived from the French word “cloison” meaning, “partition,” is an age-old technique of enameling that has been practiced by known and unknown artists all over the world. Jungwhon uses lengths of fine silver or gold wire that she bends, arranges and fuses onto a precious metal surface to create stunning compositions. She then fills each of the partitions with vitreous (translucent) enamel powder that she fires in a kiln at between 1380 and 1560°F. The layering and firing process is repeated until the enamel reaches the necessary depth. Next, Jungwhon files each piece to an even surface that she then either flash-fires to bring back the original luster or polishes with a finer grade to create a matted look. Lastly, Jungwhon creates a unique bezel for each enamel piece to be set into. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jungwhon completed her B.A. in Art History at Seoul National University. She then moved to the U.S. and immersed herself into studio art, earning her M.F.A. from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Since her first encounter with vitreous enamel fifteen years ago, the medium has been her main tool of artistic expression. She now lives and works in Rockport, MA, on the tip of the picturesque Cape Ann. Her work can be found in fine craft shows throughout the northeast and galleries and art collections throughout the country.

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