Sleepy People by Allison Randall
Woven Scarf by Barbara Herbster
Asymmetrical Cape by Jodi Clayton
Handbags by Erda

Scarf by Lucinda Clarke
Lucerne Bag by Mary North Phillips
Woven Dish Towels by Andrea Williams
Hat by Jane LaBelle

Knitted Hats by Priscilla Hodgkins
Woven Scarf by Renee Blanchette
Dog Sculptures by Robin Lown Gardella
Fiber Art Beach Scene by Sarah Drummond

Often referring to work whose materials consist of natural or synthetic fibers and fabrics, fiber art encompasses a vast array of techniques including weaving, knitting, nuno felting, quilting and hand-dyed silk scarves. Whether functional or decorative, modern fiber artists incorporate new materials, technologies and methods to design and create innovative art. From using a loom to produce textiles by interlacing long threads together to nuno felting that involves bonding loose fibers to sheer fabric creating a felt, there are many different ways to produce stunning textiles. In addition to forming the fabric itself, many fiber artists also focus on creating stunning colors and designs on the surface of a cloth. Fiber artists can employ many different techniques to achieve surface design. One such method, hand dying, involves using natural or powdered dyes in a multitude of colors. Patterns can be created in the cloth by using mechanical resist techniques that involve shaping and compressing the fabric before submerging it in a liquid dye bath, so portions of it resist the dye. An endless variety of results can be achieved with this method.
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