Birds by Bruce Cobb
Sushi Set by Eve Passeltiner
Friendship balls by Michael Trimpol
Stained Glass Butterfly by Cheddy Moller

Vases by Caterina Urrata and David Weintraub
jewelry Box by Mark and Kathleen Frank
Bowls by Jordana Korsen
Ornaments by Konrad Hunter

Champagne glass by Alex Kalish
Night Light by Hope Murphy
Vase by Trish Dalto
Plate by Sherri Fowler Nagle

As both an artist’s material with an incredible expressive range and a studio discipline imbued with limitless possibility, glasswork can include sculpture, architecture, design, craft and decorative art. From traditional to experimental methods, there are many different ways to create with glass. Glassblowing is a forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison) with the aid of a blowpipe (or blow tube). Although glassblowing can be done individually, the process itself can be challenging and blown pieces are often done with a team of people. The lead glassblower, called a gaffer, takes his blowpipe that is usually made of iron or steel and dips it into the furnace for a glob of molten glass. After the glass is secured, the other end of the pipe is cooled off with water for the gaffer to blow through. Glassblowers often make use of a large, flat surface called a marver to roll and shape the glass. Several tools are also used while working the molten glass including shaping and bladed tools. Protective heat shields and paddles are also used to shield the blower from the extreme heat. These paddles can also double as tools to smooth the molten glass. Other glass crafts include lampwork glass in which the craftsmen manipulates the molten glass with the use of a torch on a smaller scale, such as in producing beadwork for jewelry. Stained glass art is created with colored pieces of glass to form decorative or pictorial designs by setting pieces in a lead or copper foil framework that is soldered together.
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