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KBinnsRing Kathy Binns

Kathy Binns has a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and has worked in the jewelry business for 20 years. She has done museum reproduction work for the Smithsonian and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston gift catalogs as well as the Boston Symphony, UNH and the American Independence Museum. Kathy has exhibited her work across the US, is a former partner in Candia Enterprizes, a fine jewelry casting company and creates custom silver and gold pieces in her studio in Candia.

JCunninghamPainting Jackie Cunningham

Inspired by moments in her country home, as well as, New England landscapes with which she has an emotional and visual connection, Jackie Cunningham’s representational oil paintings focus on revealing the beauty and feel of a particular scene or object. A passionate painter, Jackie enjoys every aspect of oil painting. From placing pigment on her palette to making her first brushstrokes, she strives to create pieces that make people smile. Seeking to capture the overall feel or memory of a place or object, Jackie’s inspirations come from textures and “aromas.” She loves to paint flowers, “until you can smell them, or take them with you for a walk on a sunny day through a sunny pasture and smell the fresh air.” Although conveying this simple elegance to the viewer takes a lot precision and skill, it is the sheer joy of painting itself that enthralls Jackie. It is her hope that she not only conveys this joy to the viewer, but that they also become an active participant in her artistic vision. Living in New Hampshire, Jackie feels fortunate to have so many wonderful scenic areas to paint. Having painted professionally for the past 15 years, Jackie is a member of the Newburyport Art Association, Andover Artists Guild, Rockport Art Association (Contributing Member) and Seacoast Artists Association. Having received many awards for her work, Jackie has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the state.

TFarmakisFeltedFeltedKittiesCats Tif Farmakis-Day

Tif Farmakis-Day has been dabbling in some form of fine art since as long as she can remember. Drawing came naturally to her as a child. Through the careful observation of cartoons and books, she began formulating her own characters and techniques. It was this love of cartooning that brought Tif into the journalism world. After moving to southern California on a whim, she landed a part-time editorial cartoon job for a local newspaper. As her duties increased at her new job, she switched majors from Fine Arts to Journalism and eventually completed her Associates degree in Journalism at Los Angeles Valley College. After retuning to New Hampshire in the Summer of 2005, Tif worked independently writing and illustrating for various online publications and companies. However, she was beginning to feel less enthused about remaining a journalist and decided to finish pursuing her Fine Arts degree. In May 2010, Tif received a BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She is currently working as a freelance Painter and Illustrator and part time employee at Exeter Fine Crafts.

LGormleyPendEarSet Lia Gormley

Lia Gormley's passion for jewelry started while a student at Rhode Island School of Design. She entered school with the intention of becoming an illustrator, however soon realized that she was drawn to working three dimensionally and found that making jewelry was the perfect outlet for her creativity. After graduating with a BFA in Jewelry and Light Metals, Lia worked as a goldsmith for a designer in Manhattan, where she perfected her craftsmanship and attention to detail. In 2000, Lia earned the title of Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. Her fascination with the beauty of gemstones encourages her to continuously explore gemology through advanced studies. She designs and creates each piece of jewelry utilizing traditional goldsmith techniques. Combining 18k gold and platinum with precious gemstones inspires her to create lasting pieces of jewelry with an heirloom quality.

WJacksonTurtlePlatter Wendy Jackson

Wendy Jackson creates wood-fired pottery featuring sgraffito images of animals and trees. With deep hue variations and rich surface texture, Wendy’s work reflects a deep appreciation for the wood-firing process. A method that is often demanding and lengthy, not only does Wendy prepare the wood, but she must also maintain and fire the kiln. Although laborious, the process is very rewarding as the extreme heat and wood ash produces a stunning array of results. Having dabbled in the clay medium for years, the majority of Wendy’s pieces are built from porcelain clay slabs. Many of those pieces feature beautiful surface patterns achieved through the sgraffito technique of carving through a clay surface to expose the layer below. Wendy waits till the piece reaches a leather-hardened state before carving her naturalistic designs. For her tree silhouette work, Wendy applies a slip glaze, a thin mixture of clay with colorant, that provides a sharp contrast between the plain clay body and slip glaze that turns black when fired. A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Wendy’s work can be found in galleries across the state.

Fire Pond Pottery Larry and Jessica Lubowsky

Larry and Jesica Lubowsky are the owners of Fire Pond Pottery in Fremont, NH. They create their functional, one of a kind, stoneware pieces in their home studio. Larry and Jessica are members of the New Hampshire Potters Guild.

SKoffPrintSection Sarah Koff

Sarah Koff is a printmaker, gardener, environmentalist, educator, & mama to two sweet little girls. Striving to create prints that celebrate the importance of place, Sarah’s work showcases the beautiful flora/fauna native to the Northeast, farms that provide us with our local food, and pieces of the community that we all treasure. Her custom designs celebrate whatever place is important to you: perhaps an image of the spot where you got married, or a bold graphic of the house where you grew up, or a detailed map of your favorite park or school. Her work can be found at various events around New Hampshire.

SLeePotterySelection Sharon Lee

Fascinated with the surface texture of an object, Sharon Lee’s creates rustic stoneware pottery with warm earth tones that echo the natural surface of clay. Making each piece by hand with traditional techniques including: slab building, coil construction, pinching, Sharon tries to leave some evidence of the seams where she has joined the pieces of clay. She then adds any impressed designs that appeals to her, resulting in a unique, organic piece pottery. To accentuate the texture Sharon covers the entire piece with a coloring oxide then wipes off the surface so that only the indentations hold the stain. Sometimes she uses a glaze and sometimes she leaves the work unglazed. The pieces are then fired to maturation. The materials she uses are not toxic and her work is completely safe for use with food. Sharon studied art at the Museum School in Boston and received an MFA from Tufts University. Her main focus was printing, specifically intaglio printing of any kind (etching, collagraph, wood cuts, etc.) that would emphasize the surface texture. Surface texture continues to interest her and has become a main focus in her ceramic work. A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and New Hampshire Arts Association, Sharon’s work can be found in galleries throughout the state.

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