Mixed Media and More!

Rose Fence by Douglas W Johnson
Windchimes by The Poppy Seed
Lampshades by Nancy Benjamin
Batik Eggs by Judi Lemaire

Apple Tree Encaustic by Nancy Adams
Fish Sculpture by Kathleen Krzewinski
Gourd Ornaments by Julia Emilio
Wine Pirouette by Sea Stones

Slate Birdhouses by Terry Emrick
Garden Soaps by Whisper Hill
Heron Sculpture by Walter Liff
"Before I Knew You" by Wen Redmond, Fiber Art

Mixed media, in visual art, typically refers to a work of art that incorporates more than one medium. Mixed media work covers a wide range of arts and crafts, including collage, assemblage and sculptural work, among others. There is an important distinction between "mixed media" work vs. "multimedia art." Mixed media often refers to a works of art that combine traditional media, while multimedia art entails a broader scope that combines visual art with non-visual elements (such as recorded sound) or with elements of other arts (such as literature, motion pictures or music). Many effects can be achieved through mixed media techniques, such as using found objects in combination with traditional artist media (paints and graphite) to express a meaning or depict an object. When applied in this manner, there are an unlimited amount of creative possibilities available to the artist.
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