"How much is that Doggy" Intarsia by Duane Martin
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by David Beffa-Negrini
Segmented Vase by Donald Briere
Table by Scott & Ian Duffy

Cheese boards by Ian Johnson
Jewelry Box by Jack Graceffa
Bowls by John McAlevey
Plover Carving by John Harris

Urns by Ken Long
Leaf Bread Board by Ray and Jamie Doubleday
Spalted Maple Lamp by Robert Englund
Walnut Shaker Boxes by Keith Griffith

Spiral Bowl by Rob Jones
Jewelry Box by William Taylor
Lazy Susan by Susan Ratnoff
Decorative Table by Corwin Butterworth

Along with stone, mud and animal bone, wood was one of the first materials humans created with. From utilitarian forms to decorative works, practically anything can be created with wood. Historically woodworkers relied on creating with native woods, until transportation and trade made more exotic woods available to craftsmen. A sustainable product, as long as trees are planted, typically wood is divided into three types: hardwoods with a tight grain from broadleaf trees, softwoods from coniferous trees and man-made materials such as plywood and MDF. The woodworking process often involves cutting lumber to size, creating the joinery and decor, assembly, surface preparation and finishing. Woodworkers rely on a variety of traditional and modern tools to achieve these steps including: hand tools, portable power tools and stationary power tools. Quite a bit of planning can go into a single piece. Before cutting their first board, woodworkers must consider the project’s overall design, type of wood being used and purpose of the piece. A variety of finishes can also be used from a penetrating oil/varnish that accentuates the wood’s natural patina to opaque paints that can completely transform the look and feel of the wood product itself.
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